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Who is this Blonde Macys model?


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A lot of people have been posting links here instead of images lately. It's easy to post an image, it took me about 30 seconds to save this (at a larger size than your link) and upload it to a free image host.


I think a lot of us who frequent this board really very much prefer images to links. For one thing, some links look a bit suspicious, so lots of people (who might know your model's name) will be hesitant to click on them. But more importantly, it's simply a courtesy. I don't mean to single you out, ap88 -- this is really directed at everybody lately who have put links in here.


Thanks! ;) :)



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She's also at Francina Models, under the name Gitte.




I am inclined to agree with you catullus, but not 100% there yet (I'm maybe 90).  There are differences in almost everything about her: hair part, color, amazing smile.  1 pic in the portfolio at francina I like enough to think it's her: http://www.francinamodels.com/images/model/book/BOOK_1640_1374204810.png, but you tell me.


Waiting for a few others to offer their opinions too.

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Thanks for the input Xerus. I'm also not completely sure, for more or less the same reasons as you.


And thanks for the suggestion about Katerina Jursikova, MK. I've looked at her, and there is a bit of a resemblance, but the Macy's model is not her (which I think is also your opinion, since you suggest we should keep looking! :) :) )


But I still incline to Gitte Lill, though as I say I'm not 100% certain.


Some smiling images for Xerus:


post-31960-0-1446016388-75719_thumb.jpg post-31960-0-1446016388-79751_thumb.jpg post-31960-0-1446016388-81517_thumb.jpg


post-31960-0-1446016388-82825_thumb.jpg post-31960-0-1446016388-84421_thumb.jpg post-31960-0-1446016388-85263_thumb.jpg


Note especially the mouth, eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones.


Anyone else care to offer an opinion?



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The panel is stumped, eh?  This early in the new year, too.  hmmm.  LOL 


I'm going to call her a "match".  Here's why: teeth/tooth structure and eyebrow.





That tooth (red circle) is pretty consistent.

That eyebrow shape (yellow circle) is very consistent, too.

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I'll make a try,just give me sources and titles of brands for your both in quest models(one is Macys but what's the other?)


One more thing,I'm so sure they're different models,but also we'll see.

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Thanks Mahi -- I'm not entirely sure myself, so any help is appreciated!


If you mean sources of the previous post, they are here:



I guess the brand is KMS California

other information:

Foto: Janne Rugland
Makeup/Hår: Isabella Leikanger Mork
Styling: Line Kirkus
Magasin: KK


I found those pictures by running an image from one of Gitte Lill's agency portfolios through Google image search. So that girl is 100% Gitte.


(the other pictures of Gitte in earlier posts all come from agency portfolios)


As for the Macy's girl, well, that's the question.


And feel free to comment, ap88! Just because I've taken over this thread doesn't mean it's not still yours!

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Remember macys retouching is atrocious. It's not like nelly or asos where the girls actual look like their pictures. I have seen models at macys that I frequent post in their threads and not recognize them. I think it safe to say its gite at this point. The only thing that stopped me from confirming it is the nose. At this point I think we are all over analyzing this.

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