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Worst Gift You've Recieved?

Adrianas Llama

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for my i dont know 17th or 18th birthday I recieved this like... bright green tacky fuzzy toy.. ball thing with a break and felt hands, tied to a string. I cant even describe it but think of the crappy toys you get in show bags or win in fair games. really it was the gift that just kept on giving

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ahahahaha, rhett, that is hilarious.

My brother once gave me an empty box of soap for christmas.... For some reason, that went beyond all previous missdeeds, and quickly became the worst my brother had done to me, and on a day of joy such as christmas no less.... :cry:

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several days before christmas Sin City came out, so to get it for free I said to my grandparents: BitcheZ, get me Sin City, after they found out what dvd's were (not kidding on this one) while at the store, they saw the game Sim City 3000, and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to buy me that one because it would be cheaper on their side + they thought that i would have more fun playing a game than watching a movie

ass-whooping followed :ninja:

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