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I Need Help Getting Fit


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Are you asking how to lose weight, or how to gain it?! I'm so confused!!!!!!11111111

But your metabolism has a lot to do with it, and your diet. Sitting at the computer munching on crisco and bonging lard will NOT help you get slender. Eating a healthy diet, and amazingly enough, excersizing WILL help you to lose weight, and keep it off. Try aerobics, running, walking, weight lifting regiment, outdoor hobby that does not involve kites, photography, tripping, or frisbee golf. Pretty much anything that will make you sweat will cause you to lose weight. Eating a big meal before bed does not help lose weight. Watch your calorie intake, and maybe give up cabonated drinks and stick to water.

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I Mean The Best Ways to lose weight And Get A Slim Body

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I'm also moving this to General Talk because this is the Love & Sex forum, and therefore not the place for it


Also changed the title so that people know what the thread is about before they click.

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sitting in a chair? do some calf raises. do some mini-leg lifts. reading a book? alternate hands and do some lifting with a heavy object at various angles (tricep press up, curl, tricep extension, etc)

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Try push ups and crunches before bed. you can put some extra weight on your back for pushups, and you can hold a 25 pounder on your chest while doing crunches. Get some wrist and ankle wheights for everyday use. Stay away from greasy foods, and start drinking a lot more water and fruit juices. Stop going to get a snack from the fridge every 15 minutes. All good ideas.

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