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The BZ member who is _____

Adrianas Llama

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I thought we were talking about a language translator here. I don't think tabs can help me with that.

if we're talking about a non-lingual translation, then I'm afraid the 'cute' part needs to be kicked up a few hundred notches, and doused in alcohol. (although I am probably the only completely straight guy here that has kissed another guy in public)

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if we're talking about a non-lingual translation, then I'm afraid the 'cute' part needs to be kicked up a few hundred notches, and doused in alcohol. (although I am probably the only completely straight guy here that has kissed another guy in public)

:o :shifty: tell llama all about it

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The Funniest: Rhett

The Most Creative TDpatriots, Neo both makes some awesome wallpapers

The Sport Fanatic: GOCHO, blurdk, the mascot,

The Entertainer: Rhett, Rogue

The Shy one:MattLovesModels, persuazn

The Bold one: Rhett

The Blabber Mouth: Rogue, tuhreese

The Most Talented: Taben (badass isgs), Neo

The One you Chat with the most: Rhett, Nika, AnaBB

The Priceless One:Qball(always posts the best everything) sha wins too

The Strong one:Avadakadavra

The one you can really talk to:Rhett, Nika, AnaBB

The one that can make you smile: Nika, AnaBB, Rhett

The Sweet one:Nika, SS, TINKY!!!

The Smart one:Lullaby,Qball,GreedyGrandpa, nebucadnezar, quasicartes, OriginalSin, avadakadavra, Rhett

The trouble-maker: Me, Rhett, MLA

The Silent Hero: Neo....

The Writer: Original Sin, avadakadavra

The one you miss the most: Nika, Barry

The one whose always there for you: Nika!

God damn it rhett.... You fucker, you do too much.

this list is totally not even close to finished. Now that I think about it, I only really talk to like 4 or 5 people, so I'm sure that a lot more people fit into these categories, and I can't really put me on there...but i do start trouble, so i had to. Some of these people are categorized hesitantly, but I call em as I see em. And hell, who doesn't have a bad day huh? I don't suck so bad, more people should gimme a chance.

Now 30% more BOLD!

Buy now!

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but of course, since I would be forced to put myself into all the flattering categories, I'm going to have to do this in reverse.

The Least Funny: Sanja. mostly because I don't read anything she writes, I just look at her avy for a long time.

The Least Creative QBall. come on, all he does is post girls with big'ns! Keeley, Kelly, Lucy & Michelle.... hm. I'll be right back, I have to go check out Q's posts.

The Sport Fanatic: Rogue. at least, indoor sport.

The Entertainer: MLA. his yawning is a mesmerizing front for his mysterious motives! what is he really thinking?!? the Rhett knows!

The Sha one: tough call, but I'm going with Sha.

The Bald one: AnaBBarrosFan. well, she did say she'd do anything for Nick Gonzales.

The Blubber Mouth: Pauline, Rogue. my goodness, the sheer volume of lips on these two is making me sweat just typing it.

The Least Talented: Pinky. she keeps posting pics of herself, but they're always the same color as the background of the thread, so they don't show up. she's just no good with html. honorable mention to SS.

The One you Cheat with the most: well now, there's a secret that's not getting out of the bag! (not without a $5 donation to paypal)

The Iceless One: Thug_Life_NYC-81. I made off wit his blingbling, yo!

The Strung one: ohbaby. high-strung, or strung-out, I can't decide.

The one you can really balk to: OS. I can always go crying to her, and I know she'll beat up whoever is bullying my thread.

The one that can't make you smile: lazy. his ninja methods are powerful, but he has much to learn! (must! not! laugh!)

The Discreet one: llama, who has been pretty good about not mentioning that this thread is just here to get me on more lists

The Smart-ass one: I must dole out high-fives all around. wise-asses, the damn lot of you. (but wait, Rhett's a wise-ass! is he serious, or is this a double-wising? triple??)

The rubble-maker: Impel. he's destroyed many grievous posting errors of mine. just obliterated my lack of decorum. tread lightly.

The Violent Hero: Neo, who dares challenge my flirty domination. he must have a good judo chop! and he'll need it!

The Spider: avada, OS, Ronin, neo, Q, impel and the whole mod team. these ruthless, heartless and evil creatures keep this site going, with an iron fist. who's going to start a fisting thread to celebrate them?

The one you miss the most: Jimmy. but my aim is improving.

The one who's never there for you: tuhreese, who has yet to fall for my charms. how does she do it? impressive...

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well I havn't seen you talk in a bit, and persuazn was one of the first people I met, she was shy then, but not now... being a pip whore, she was not the best choice for the shy one.... Seriously, I hardley know anyone...

I was? :blink:

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