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Karlie Kloss


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Why only comment here with hate? You have the right to express your own opinion, but by now I'm sure we all get you are not fond of Karlie.. so why continue?

I happen to think she looks adorable in this picture; the make up no, but her smile and cheeks yeeees :)

Can't wait to see the rest of her Vogue ed, thanks everyone :flower:

& I hope to see some more VS location photos soon! The basic background for clothing is so borrring haha

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It's rather unfair to judge a model by a single shot, I'd wager you could find unflattering photographs of most of the VS Angels.

To me every single shot of Karlie is unflattering because I find her unattractive. Anyway, I'm done here.

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An Admin has already laid the law down about the constant bashing of Karlie and it was clearly ignored. If it continues on without being constructive criticism the staff may be forced to deal the issue in a permanent way.

This (my statement, not this hijacked post) is the end of this discussion in this thread. For further indulgence, avail yourselves to the Chat Thread for Personal Message services. ~ Post Edited by Joe > Average

If you'd like to continue the belittlement with someone please take it to PM.

Consider this a last warning. - Pretty

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Do you guys think Karlie is going to grow into her body a little more as she gets older?

As for Karlie and VS, while she's not my ideal body type, she does bring something new to the table, she's well spoke and very personable, which I think VS has been lacking for awhile (rip Marisa). All and all I really like her! The only thing I wish she'd change is her hair. While I like shorter hair and I've often had it myself, imo Karlie just looks sexier with the longer hair.

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I´m sure she will let her hair grow long again, but it was a nice, refreshing change for me, very chic :)

She´s not my ideal body type either, but I think she will become more feminine with time, plus her profile body pic is simply whow :heart: I´m glad she brings something new to VS, it feels so lively and classy to me again. I´m really looking forward to see more of their collaboration :yes:

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