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Resident Evil: Extinction


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I agree with MLA that RE2 was much better than RE1. Hopefully it isn't like the games because RE3 was the worst of the series. The problem I had with the first movie is that except for a few things there was nothing that made it a resident evil movie. I guess no one wants to see cops running around killing giant snakes and spiders but that's what it should have been and it should have been in a mansion. The best part about the first movie was its ending. That's when I finally felt like it was like the games with Milla in the city.

RE2 got the atmosphere right and actually added characters from the series like Jill and Nemesis. RE2 was high on the cheese, but as a fan of the games it didn't really matter to me. Love or hate Milla, but her superhuman character just doesn't really fit into these movies. The essence of a horror movie is that anyone could die at any time. When she's running up skyscrapers and getting shot by rocket launchers, it just ruins the mood.

So hopefully the third movie is the best one. That would be nice.

Well from the trailer she looks more superhuman than ever, kind of like Neo in the Matrix. She must save whats left of the world from such reckless violence:| Someone say rip :p

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