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Question: Serena is starting to feel like a guest star on Gossip Girl. What gives? —Emily

Ausiello: That’s pretty much the question I posed to Safran. “If you feel like Serena has been lighter this year, it’s honestly just where the story has taken us,” he tells me. “Last season was very much about Serena. That was the way we sort of looked at it. She had Juliet last year and that was the big driving story. This year we gave Blair the big driving story. And next season — if there is a next season — I would imagine the driving story, should it be the last season, will be the two of them and their friendship.

If there is any justice in the world, this would be the last season. The last episode was just AWFUL, like the worst episode of television I've seen in a long, long while. :yuckky:

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From Deadline:

EXCLUSIVE: Open Road is locking a distribution deal for Side Effects, the Scott Z. Burns script that Steven Soderbergh will direct as his next film. Blake Lively, Jude Law and Channing Tatum will star. The film is being financed by Mega Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures, with production to start in April on a thriller which has a budget in the $30 million range. This is a surprise outcome. Deadline revealed in early December that Summit was the frontrunner for a script (which had been called The Bitter Pill at the time). The script wasn’t distributed widely, at least initially. David Linde’s Lava Bear and Paramount were the other initial places (producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s deal is there), though a few equity financiers mulled the project as well. Soderbergh sparked to the film after Warner Bros halted The Man From U.N.C.L.E. after disagreements over budget and difficulty finding the lead after George Clooney dropped out because he was getting surgery. The film is a potboiler in the Jagged Edge-Basic Instinct mold and Lively plays a troubled and depressed woman who is taking serious amounts of prescription drugs, which leads her into a relationship with a doctor (Law). Her intake is ostensibly designed to help her deal with the anxiety surrounding the pending release of her husband (Tatum) from prison. Burns wrote it several years ago and set it up at Miramax under the title The Side Effects, intending to direct it but never getting there because of his busy scripting schedule that included the Soderbergh projects Contagion, The Informant! and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Deal was shopped by UTA and Anonymous Content

According to the director, this movie has 2 meaty female parts. I wonder who's gonna take the other part :whistle:

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Shining wherever she goes: Blake Lively steals the spotlight in glittering top and short skirt at Haywire scree

Do not like the clothes, but she looks happy and radiant :laugh: :laugh:




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Normally I do not like this type of article, but this is funny. Oh! Blake what are you doing. These trips to Boston .... hahahah Somebody had too much fun last night,eh? :laugh:

Need to Look a Little More "With It" Today? Copy This Eye Makeup Trick From Blake Lively

I'm not going to ask what you were doing last night that you need a little help looking alive today, but I certainly hope it was fun. Here's one way to erase the tired-eye evidence you can copy off of Blake Lively...


Notice that her bottom lids are lined with sparkly gold eyeshadow. That's the trick here. You know how when we talk about shimmery eyeshadow we say it opens up your eyes and makes the whites of them look brighter and catches the light and washes your dishes for you? Yup, this step does all of that (except the dishes part). And it's pretty foolproof, too—gotta love that.

So next time you're not looking so awake, grab a gold eyeshadow and go to town on those bottom lids. Or use this trick instead! Or this one! Or this one! Or any and all of these!

Read More http://www.glamour.com/beauty/blogs/girls-...l#ixzz1jvYovSvw

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Thanks you for the new pics. I actually like the look, and I love that she dresses for practicality in winter - the tights, she loves them.

She really doesn't go to too many events these days and in the past year I think, unless it's directly related to her. I can't remember the last time I saw her at a premeire that wasn't one of her films - (the last I remember was Sherlock Holmes 2009).

Those pics of her as Marilyn are the only things that will make watch GG again, and even then I think I will just skip to her scenes. I'm kind of glad that Blake has been on the backburner on GG as she cannot be associated that much with the trainwreck that is the show now. The Blair fans wanted her front and center, well they got it and it is a mess. It is a testament to Blake that she keeps on shining and moving up levels professionally despite having some of the worst plots for the past fours years until this season, being sidelined for the drama of Blair and Leighton getting most of the deep and meaningful scenes. It hasn't stopped her and it has become obvious that no one in their right mind and those that count in the acting world take their cue from this show.

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This news is both stupid and comic. :yuckky:

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds’ dogs are causing relationship problems

Love may be in the air for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, but their dogs are at each other’s throats! Blake’s pint-sized Maltipoo, Penny, is used to being the center of attention and hates it when her owner showers Ryan’s friendly golden retriever mix, Baxter, with affection. Now pals say the war of the dogs has escalated to the point where it’s affecting the couple’s sex life!

“Penny is a real diva and is accustomed to getting her own way,” a source told The Enquirer. “She’s having a terrible time adjusting to Ryan and Baxter sharing her turf! Blake constantly spoiled Penny and made her the center of her world. Now, with Baxter as competition, she growls and bares her teeth whenever Blake pets or plays with Ryan’s pooch!”

Initially, Ryan and Blake thought handling the canine conflict would be good practice for dealing with children in the future. But they might never get to that point because the dogfight has spilled into the bedroom!

“They both love to sleep with their dogs on the bed – but Penny wants to be the only pooch in the room,” explained the source. “She tries to scare Baxter away. Ryan and Blake spend so much time trying to break up the feuding dogs, when it’s time to go to bed they’re so exhausted the last thing they think of is romance.”

The source continues, “Blake and Ryan are really in love… they just wish their four-legged friends would get along too!”

“She’s having a terrible time adjusting to Ryan It's a lie. If so Blake would never leave Penny with Ryan

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Maybe they're going to Vegas...?

#Chanel flying 200 fashion VIPs 2 Vegas via private jet on Friday 2 fete launch of extravagant "Numeros Prives" installation @WynnLasVegas.

...to meet up with the rest of these guys for the Chanel event. :idk: Or they could be flying to Paris for Chanel's couture show which takes place on Wednesday?

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