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Isabeli Fontana

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Dudes, when I said her looks haven't changed within the last ten years, I meant it as a compliment. Seriously, how many models out there still look the same exact way they did ten years ago? Hell, not even Doutzen Kroes looks the same way she did FIVE years ago compared to now.

Anyway, where's Francy? C'mon, you have to identify my pictures! Here's more homework for you, get to it!

th_09640_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ14_122_1037lo.jpg th_09641_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ15_122_833lo.jpg th_09642_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ16_122_201lo.jpg th_09649_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ17_122_25lo.jpg th_09650_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ18_122_378lo.jpg

th_09765_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ19_122_253lo.jpg th_09766_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ20_122_219lo.jpg th_09767_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ21_122_973lo.jpg th_09769_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ22_122_384lo.jpg th_09770_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ23_122_116lo.jpg

th_09855_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ24_122_1082lo.jpg th_09877_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ25_122_505lo.jpg th_09879_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ26_122_718lo.jpg th_09883_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ27_122_1150lo.jpg th_09894_Isabeli_Fontana-assorted_low_quality-LQ28_122_419lo.jpg


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here i am!!

wow mathieu, so fast with backstage pics! i was looking forward! :heart:

playgirl, your campaigns in hq are lovely! wow

vampy, thanks for your homework, you're perfect! how could i live without your pics?

i have to say that all the pics you have posted are from the period from 1999-2000

so very difficult to indentify.. but i'll try :hug:

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Thanks Francy for your pics, I can see many street style candids there :wub:

One photo from me, might be a repost, though.

Viktor&Rolf f/w 2008 fashion show:


from coacd fashion blog from teenvogue.com

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