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Isabeli Fontana

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Versace Fall/Winter 2008 campaign


Models: Isabeli Fontana and Natalia Vodianova

Ph.: Mario Testino

Stylist: Brana Wolf

Hair: Orlando Pita

Makeup: Linda Cantello


Scanned by Manuva from Vogue UK August 2008.

omg tanya i've always wanted to see that moda calida event! thanks!

and mathieu you are so great for your help here, thanks a lot


post-17367-0-1446087101-62785_thumb.gif isabeli!

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Guest bahiadasilva90

Isabeli explains..

Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana, today 25 year-old (happy birthday!) tells " if i wouldn't like gays, i had started another job", in an exclusive interview for Folha Online.

The explanation is dued to a comment of top model during Tv program "Hebe" on 30th june.

"I love gays. I have million friends gays and they are the nicest people i know. I told that i wouldn't like to have a gay son, because I know how much they suffer because of prejudices", Isabeli explains.

"I live in a gay world. I live with gays everyday. If i would't like them, of course i have had another job", model says.

About the possibility of a son gay, she says: " i am a mother. I love to be mother, is my instict. If my sons were gays, i'll be by their side forever", isabeli says (she has 2 sons, Zion 5 and Lucas 1)

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