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Isabeli Fontana

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I love inez vinoodh completely captures the raw sensuality of these beautiful women we call models, as for isabeli I consider one of the seven wonders of the universe, I hope one day I get to meet her at a fashion week, I have my favorties and all of them are one of a kind, Isabeli has everything, warmth, sensual, sexy, and genuine you couldnt ask for better :kiss:

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This is my first post in Isabeli's thread...cause as some of you may know that I don't post anything on any model's thread, before I don't see EVERY page from her thread.

I think it's great she's for such a long time a model, and for big designers. I miss her on the catwalks. With her body and face.

It's such a sad thing she divorced her husband. I mean, that he didn't gave her much attention as somebody here wrote. So if he didn't gave her much attention, why did he marry her? To be more famous or what? Ugh.

But as I see, she was really open about talking about her private life and publicat private photos. If I was that popular as Isabeli, I wouldn't like to talk about my private life in tv, but maybe it's just that people are Brazil are very open, I don't know. But I hope that now after all she is happy with her kids.

I really want to see her back on the catwalks for the biggest deisgners, I hope they will give her a second chance.

And why does nobody posted here photos from Dolce&Gabbana fall winter 2006 fashion show?

Ok, now I will post my favourite video of Isabeli:

It's fall-winter 2004/05 season

Does somebody knows, what's the fashion shows from 26-34 second (Dsquared?), 1.26-1.34?

And I love this moment from 2.32-2.33!

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