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Oh I see. Well I didn't realize smiley faces meant something is a joke. I thought people just put them in for decoration or something, I don't know. As you've probably noticed I don't use them much in my posts. Usually if I am making a joke I'll state that I did, but that's just me.

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^ I think you should maybe fix up your icons a bit :laugh:

What's wrong with them?

Nothing....You'd just usually see them all to the left or the right of the screen...

It was a joke anyway in case you didn't see the " :laugh: "


Yeah but that's boring :laugh:

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Hello everyone. I'm using right now Ubuntu Desktop with Live theme. Would you know about this OS ? Its linux based OS and more secure and better then XP or Vista. Here is I attach my desktop screenshot with it. Right now I'm using XP with virtual machine. Thanks


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