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Luxxa Lingerie Model ID

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fashion models are easy to identify because we know where to find them: with agencies. They also work a lot and people become more familiar with them.


This girl is not a fashion model. She is  a glamour model. Unless she is Playboy model, Page 3, or well known girl, its hard to find them. There are only a handful of modeling and talent agencies that represent these types girls. And only the top girls get representation. Most of them are freelance and non-exclusive. Very few of them last a two years in the industry before they find a rich dude, a normal life, or worse. 


Luxxa maybe French but the model can be from anywhere. She looks more Eastern European to me which is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Unless you contact the company, I doubt any of the regular identifiers will find her. Most of the people who identify models aren't that familiar with glamour models. She doesn't even look vaguely familiar to me either. So I have never seen her in Maxim of FHM. I wish you luck. 


Try French talent agencies. There are a few that have open books like Hype Models. 

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14 hours ago, RDX said:


does anyne knows the name of this luxxa model

Dude, don't hijack someone else's topic with an image redirection of your own.  Put your image id request in your own topic, please.

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