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Strongly need opinion for or against this Model ID


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Here is the model I wished to find out who she is and may of just found out who she is. This was taken from Hautelook btw.


I believe her to be Teela Cull. She seems to have profiles in several agencies.
I have been searching for the model's ID with quite a bit of determination.  While searching several times, I have come across Teela Cull more then once and actually had the thought of looking into her further, but I was on the search and I didn't make the connection as her profile photo didn't seem to click. Well now that I looked further into Teela Cull, I believe I just found this model I was looking for (right under my nose sort of speaks *slaps head*), I am pretty much convinced it is her as there are quite alot of facial features that match up, even a few spots.  I guess what threw me off was the reddish hair. Anyway I'd like to get some other opinions on this ID, perhaps verification or something.   I thank you all for your time to look into this matter.  :dance:
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I have comparing the pictures I have of the model against the pictures of Teela.  I look at all the facial features closely, lips, nose, eyes, etc. but one other feature that I look for are spots.  Granted spots can be covered up by makeup or even photo shopped off (which seems to be the case in the picture Shepherd put up) I have found that the spots on Teela match the spots on the model in question. I've prepared a little comparison picture between Teela and model in question.  So I'm gonna declare this one solved unless someone else proves me wrong.  :gocho:


Thank you all for your time.

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