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Daniela Freitas


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She would out 'sex' them all. I don't know if people could handle it :laugh:

^ :p

I think she's actually 'too sexy' for VS. She'd have to tone it down a notch or two.

i kinda agree, as much as i adore dani--

reminds me of watching the last VS show and seeing Lara Stone walk the runway--

everyone else was smiling, approachable and flirty... she was just straight up serious sex bomb :rofl:

but i bet with some practice, dani could lighten it up :idk:

i love all the pic posts!!! gorgeous, every single one of them

id kill to have that small pic of her wearing red lipstick in a bigger size

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See Penny for me Dani is perfect for VS. I'm soooooo over the smiling firty shit! It's very "High School" girls trying to be sexy *go team go! yay*. Just not my thing. None of the current VS models do a damn thing for me. None of them inspire me to want to wear their lingerie, none of them make me want to fantasize , none of them ooozes sex appeal. Bring on the Dani's, Josie's, Frankie's, Dita's and the like. A little naughty goes a long way yanno. Wait... I want a lot of naughty.... guess the Pink line/girls need to go?

The Stooges - Dirt

- adjective

sex.y | raw | dirty | gritty

Dani [see above]

VS Models [see below with the exception of Marisa who is oh my damn and maybe Ale. Motherhood made her better]

not! ok

- gay

candy ass | douchey | popular with 14 year olds | not sexy | zomg o.O | _!_ | pwn'd

See the difference? *sighs*

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i get it---...i prefer smoky sexy to girl next door/approachable N E day

it just seems that VS/.....the company and most of its fans seems to want :/

and dont forget VS has to appeal to the male population... who DEFINITELY prefer approachable.. i mean... how can they fantasize

that Ale will <in some parallel universe> sleep with them if she doesnt come off all male friendly

im over the whole blowing kisses at the end of the freaking runway/hee hee im so adorable :yuckky:

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Yanno it's odd you say that, because on WoW I deal with 200+ guys a day, and I've sat there talking about models with them. 99.9% of them have zero idea who the VS models are, and when I give them a name, say Adriana Lima and they Youtube/Google her, or come here to check out pics, the vast Majority of them stared at Lima and these so called "Angels" and they just weren't interested in any way shape or form. [Except Marisa for her body and Miranda because they are pervs]

However when they asked me who I really liked. I.E: Josie, Petra Daniela and a few others.. [the smoky sexy girl] nearly every guy I spoke with after that liked them a hell of a lot more then Karolina, Ale, Selita, Ale ect.

The sex kitten thing seems to be big, whereas the girl next door shit just didn't fly well.

Bales, Torganis, Miagi, Shar, Kip, Volde, Harm and about three dozen others <3 Daniela lol

Same thing can be said for my Husband, his male/female friends, my brother, his friends and GF. Most of them just don't get the VS appeal. The models they had 8 years ago were a hell of a lot better.


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thats very cool, actually...

but i dont think youre ordinary.. nor could i imagine any of your friends

or anyone you associate with

being average :p

average, middle of america guys <lets not forget southern guys too> <_< >

dont have the refined tastes that 'coast' people have.

yaknowwutimean?? :rofl:

but youre shit sure right about VS girls of days past kicking much ass :yes:

this past year was the first vs show ive watched since rie rasmussen walked for them in 2001

interestingly enough, 8 yrs ago.



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