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Cool, well here in Cali I ususaly go to Oceans, or sometimes Ill drive up to Bicycle. Usualy play 100 NL, and when im feeling good ill play some 200nl.

And with regards to books, I recently got "Theory of Poker" by Sklansky its pretty good actualy. (been playing for a while, but though it might improve my game a bit, first book ever on the subject)

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good idea maddog!

as to ur question. i dont play casino games like 200-300.

No casino's in toronto.

I usually play with friends and in tourneys ppl i know throw around town.

200-300 is rich man, u need at least 20 000$$ to play right at those tables

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sorry, its 200NL is 200 buy in , im not THAT rich *yet* :laugh:  

the 200NL is 5-5, and the 100 NL is 2-3 (or 1-3 or 1-2 depending on the casino)


I thought u ment the blinds were 200-300..I was thinking, ur rich!

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yea i have one of those its pretty heavy

yea when full it is like 20 pounds.

i got it from an american company and customs charges were HigH as a kite!but it was still cheaper then gettin it in stores aroudn toronto..

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:o Nice set, I dont currently own one, since I got a friend who has the home games so we just play with his chips.

My chips:

500 chip set:

50 black

50 green

100 blue

150 white

150 red

Even came with a dealer button, cut cards, dice, and world poker tour cards..




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