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8 Models I could use some help to ID please


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got 8 models here I'd like to have ID'd


This one is from ShopBop

#1 post-52488-0-40464900-1380995049_thumb.j Ditta Kucsik


The rest are from Hautelook

#2 post-52488-0-23310900-1380995047_thumb.j Denise Schaefer

#3 post-52488-0-95978400-1380995042_thumb.j Corrie Lejuwaan

#4 post-52488-0-40724200-1380995040_thumb.j Jade McDaniel

#5 post-52488-0-65023500-1380995041_thumb.j

#6 post-52488-0-00674400-1380995045_thumb.j Yulia Rose

#7 post-52488-0-87494600-1380995038_thumb.j

#8 post-52488-0-81987500-1380995036_thumb.j Kate Potter

#9 post-52488-0-55554500-1386791983_thumb.j Teela Cull

#10 post-52488-0-06630700-1386791975_thumb.j Marie Charlotte Mahul


Thank you all for your efforts :flower:

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Bumping for the ones not yet ID'd


And adding these two to the list.  I really hope to find out who they are.  #10 was on someone else's post as well but I requesting her ID for myself.  Both of these women have come out in Hautelook.  Thank you in advance.  :gocho:


#9 post-52488-0-26665700-1386791504_thumb.j

#10 post-52488-0-11647600-1386791780_thumb.j

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Wooohoo  I am quite certain I found #2 and soon after I added two more to this list.   #2 I found to be Denise Schaefer,  I have taken a good look at the few pictures I have of this model and tried to compare to photos of Denise and alot of things match, even quite a few of her beauty marks and even her belly button match.

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Got 3 more ID's that I believe I have found, I'm quite certain I am right but I always do appreciate a 2nd opinion. 


#2    is Denise Schaefer

#3    is Corrie Lejuwaan

#10  is Marie Charlotte Mahul


which leaves a just a few, I am really hoping for #9 as she is now on the top of list of women I wish to find her ID.  :flower:

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