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Jhon Paul    0
16 hours ago, SicK As mY SecReTs said:

I wish there were an official rule of counting Vogue covers, cuz everyone counts differently, some count reprints, some don't and etc. it's just so complicated.


I count reprints and every single cover that has difference country written on it. I just don't count supplements, 


I am from Latin America and the things is that only Brasil and Mexico have their own magazine editions due to Brasil is the only country that has a different language Vogue Mexico is sell in most countries of Latin America. I think the put different names of countries to sell more. It is the same thing that happens to Vogue Latin America now they feauture some pictures of some parties each country had and they interview some designers and the rest is the same. I have and old issue from 2003 and the editor in chief was Ana Hughes-Freund if each country from Latin America had a Vogue edition the name of the editor in chief would be different.

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Jhon Paul    0
16 hours ago, michelabella said:

I just go by this blog: http://voguescovers.blogspot.fr/p/gisele-bundchen.html and people on tfs calculated her covers to 140. http://forums.thefashionspot.com/showpost.php?p=14041475&postcount=587


(they still have 139 but with her recent Vogue Japan it went to 140).



 Maybe you should ask more people from Latin America about that.

Vogue Mexico, Chile and Argentina 2001 all of them for the same month December and the same text.





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