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Axe Anarchy commercial


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Axe books a lot from London. almost all the girls that I have every identified from numerous campaigns all were London based despite being filmed in different countries.  I know the Touch and Angels commercials all were booked from there. I would try there first. If not there, Hamburg or Los Angeles would be my next hunch. The model doesn't look familiar to me so I am going based solely on what I know about the brand. 

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Thank you :hug:
Uh oh, seems like quite a search! These companies should be courteous enough to promote their models at least by identifying them in the credits somewhere smily%20new%20one.gif

I forgot to mention this answer from chacha.com in my first post:



Axe has not specified the name of the actress that plays the nurse in the Axe Anarchy commercials. The commercials were made by the London office of Bartle Bogle Hegarty.


Hopefully she'll jolt someone's memory!

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some companies don't release the names to protect the models. they also sometimes don't release the names because the agencies don't want to prevent their models from landing editorial work if possible. eventually we figure out who they are. 


there aren't that many agencies in London. You can rule out the well known models. From previous campaigns, a lot of them were with Storm and Premier if that helps. Also a lot of agencies have search functions so you can find all the model who have brown hair and brown eyes. I am assuming she isn't British because I don't recognize her and she isn't big in the catalog circuit otherwise someone would have identified her. She is probably a foreigner who just started modeling in London. She could be Eastern European or Brazilian based on her look. Her book will look more commercial and have lingerie images. 

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I am not finding any models who remotely look like her


agencies I haven't looked at






FM Agency











I doubt she is with a smaller or commercial agency because she would have made the blog but you can try those too.

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Thank you so much for your detective work and especially for that list of London agencies! :MLA:


I think that the girl you linked might not be a match but apparently this is also a picture of the Next model which does look more like the mystery girl:




There should be something like the IMDB for commercials ;D

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Now that I noticed to click on more pictures from Next I really have a feeling that she is the nurse from Axe! Her nose is quite unique and there is a certain kind of sadness in her eyes for Axe and Marie Claire that makes me think you might have found a match!!! Thank you! :D (Funny how even her portfolio pictures don't seem to always show the same girl!)

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