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EDIT: I'm pretty sure it's Montana but the change in hair and lighting is throwing me off.  I posted on tfs to ask them too. 


It's weird because she looks different in a lot of pics.


Both of these are from her agency:

post-35596-0-61230400-1386545858_thumb.j post-35596-0-85462600-1386545858_thumb.j

Pic on the left looks more like your girl, pic on the right not so much. But both are Montana. -shrug-


EDIT 2: Meh, it's probably not her. This looks more like her:


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which is why I linked the thread in the first place.

Also there needs to be one official id thread to identify like ASOS and the official list thread in the babes section. Because these girls are being identified multiple times in different places and its starting to get redundant as well as confusing, trying to remember where the girl might have been labeled.

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