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Some models from madeleine catalogues


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Hello! I can't ID some models from the Madeleine catalogues though most faces look very familiar. Some of the photos are old, made 5 years ago or even earlier.


Thanks in advance :)


1 post-83601-0-51128700-1376238038_thumb.j


2 post-83601-0-30400900-1376238101_thumb.j


3 post-83601-0-51024000-1376238187_thumb.j


4 post-83601-0-64640500-1376238416_thumb.j


5 post-83601-0-75023100-1376238583_thumb.j


6 post-83601-0-82323200-1376238627_thumb.j


7 post-83601-0-98954500-1376238754_thumb.j


8 post-83601-0-54046000-1376238921_thumb.j


9 post-83601-0-96397000-1376239095_thumb.j


10 post-83601-0-94190200-1376239345_thumb.j


11 post-83601-0-41986000-1376239410_thumb.j

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Believe me. This is Tereza. She was modelling in the past for Madeline/Alba/Heine . It´s all the same ;-)

I also think it is Tereza. She is heavily photoshoped but when you look at shape of her lips and nose you can recognize her. 


ok, for correction: 8 is definitely not Tereza as you can see based on the following picture of the unkown from an another shoot. i believe i saw her in an agency some months ago but can not remember. :anger: so it would be great if someone id her.



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i thought number 8 looked like heidi a lit bit too. is it possible that is heidi... she has been modeling for a long time...


hamburg agencies


Body & Soul


m4 Models


Model Management

Mega Models

MGM Models

MD Management

Muse Models

Okay Models

Place Models

PMA Models

Spin Models


Represent a lot of catalog and classic models. there are a lot of other agencies in Hamburg but these are going to be the most likely places you will find them if they are still modeling in Germany 

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