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teacup    0

Hello, Bellazonians!

I used to be a member of the board ages ago - unfortunately I can't remember my password, or which email account I used, or the password to my old email accounts. So a new one had to be made!

My name is teacup - or Nikki. 8D I'm Canadian, I'm twenty-one, I love anything pretty and girly, I never wear anything pretty or girly, and I'm big on models. I'm a writer, and like to use models to inspire me in creating my characters. I like tea, vanilla coke, animals, pretty toenail polish, shoes (especially boots and flats), and flowers. I'm in love with tattoos but afraid of getting them. I have a cat named Skittles and a dog named Lux. My dog looks like a muppet. I think Abbey Lee is the best thing since sliced bread, and I'm on the fence about Karlie Kloss, but I think she's the best for cropping her hair short and killin' it. 


Unicorns are my spirit animal, probably.

That's it!

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PinkCouture    0

^ Ok, I am going to merge your other account with this one. Having multiple accounts is a violation regardless of the reasoning. In the future if you forget your username, password, etc. please contact a staff member.

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