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^  I guess it's in the magazine :idk:   I wonder how reliable this source is.  I'm not sure how that could be her handwriting as she is an alcoholic and they have shaky hands.  Even if it's true I wonder how reliable this junkie's memory would be.  I don't know if she could really rattle off that many names even if it is only a small portion of those she has bedded. 

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan’s List of A-List Lovers Exposed! Handwritten list reveals Lohan’s Hollywood Hookups with Zac Efron, Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake and more!





more names revealed



middle column, 8. Orlando Bloom


i wonder when did it happen before/during/after ............   :whistle:  :whistle:  :whistle:

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:dance: :dance:

Mila Kunis Is Pregnant! Actress and Fiancé Ashton Kutcher Are Expecting a Baby Together


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged and going to be parents!

Kunis is pregnant with the couple's first child, a source confirms exclusively to E! News just weeks after being first to report that the former That '70s Show co-stars were planning to tie the knot.

The Ted star was even recently spotted attending a prenatal yoga class in Hollywood. 


Ironically, Kunis is the new face of Jim Beam bourbon—but of course she still makes for a stunning face. She just won't be sampling the brand's wares for a while.

"We have a thing called white T-shirt night and it's when you wear jeans and a white T-shirt and you go on a date," Kunis told Cosmpolitan recently, dishing on her and 36-year-old Kutcher's cozy date night preferences. "Nothing fancy, it's just something that you love to do. And whether that's bowling or dinner or going to a cheese shop and have some wine or walking around. I think that's just the best thing to do—and sometimes it's just nice to stay home."

In spite of rumors that the couple is having twins, Kunis is expecting only one baby with Kutcher.

Congrats to the expectant couple!



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Definitely strange for me. Two possibilities, this pic is a " stolen pic" in this case it's pity for her...:( Or this picture isn't stolen and it's very disgusting to do that, to boost her career with this kind of method... :no:

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Eh. You're way ahead of yourself. To boost her career? That doesn't even make sense- she was just on the cover of SI.


More likely some guy she was with then took a picture. And the big deal is what? Unless something illegal took place which we don't know yet.

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