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Bella Hadid

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20 hours ago, Schemer said:

Who the hell travels to a vacation during a pandemic? Especially to a country that got hit as hard as Italy did.


Then again, Bella Hadid always seemed like a type who was better at giving brains than having brains.



God forbid she misses her vacation because of a global pandemic!

I criticised her on twitter and someone told me she was there for work. Right, because she really needs the money. If someone can wait to go back to work, that's her. Her career is not in danger and her bank account won't suffer either. 

And judging by those pictures, security measures are not a priority either. It makes me so mad. Especially being Italy, which is like a second home to me. 




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They flew there in a private jet. How much money they are getting paid if it's profitable to fly over there private? Or are they just cosplaying as models, per usual?

Because Karlie who is one of the highest paid and hardest working models flies commercial. So how much money does one Hailey Bieber earn so that she can travel private? Or is she just spending her husbands money pretending to be a fashion model? 🤨

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Bella's family has enough money to pay for that and more. 

I assume it is similar to what I deal with at work and yeah, brands usually cover certain expenses. But in this case I doubt that private jet was paid by Versace. They might offer first class seats on a regular flight for special clients like Bella or Gigi/Kendall, but most definetely go for the cheapest option possible with the rest of the models. 




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