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Lone Praesto


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Cover story photoshoot for Cover magazine (Denmark) June/July 2014


Photographer: Rasmus Skousen

Stylist: Emelie Johansson for LinkDetails (Stockholm)

Make-up: Trine Skjoth for Agentur CPH (Copenhagen)


Model: Lone Praesto


Source: visualoptimism.blogspot.com




h22kFNNW.jpg avStJ5H3.jpg


W9RzB4tn.jpg 8GhjyI8l.jpg


QCx5W6EY.jpg ekbDXmPw.jpg


mg8DMcHx.jpg cC7QedxZ.jpg


U4hcCKo0.jpg X11razko.jpg


30iNj7GT.jpg QmLv7yOz.jpg


T6y2G010.jpg 894RFq3i.jpg


wJQFbncg.jpg TvNkUtmT.jpg


BNGyo4nG.jpg OmtcZ8I8.jpg


9YgmJ6qD.jpg 7caDUuIJ.jpg



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