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Laetitia Casta

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Wow! I think it's so fascinating that Laetitia and JLo both are so extremely beautiful women, but at the same time they look so different from each other, although they both have brown hair and are more the mediterrenean typ of woman. It's strange isn't it?

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If they were larger - perfect wallpaper for our Master ;)

Who be that then!!?? :laugh:

I thought that you might get bored with L'oreal wallpaper / this one with lilac dress /.

Although bored with Laetitia? No way :)

Noooo, never bored with :heart: Laetitia :heart::laugh: Just too many wallpapers for me to enjoy....I currently have a :heart: Laetitia :heart: tryptique as three always last longer than one :heart: :heart: :heart: :p

Ohh and are you sure I am the master!? :laugh:

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thank u for your gifs LMS :kiss:

Rob You're the Master ;).

As long as Nimzo will not dethrone you.

Meanwhile.......... Our Goddess in Color Riche :p


gifs! gifs! :chicken:

Her eyes ..... :wub:



Not her eyes... more like coming from a photo shop colors tool

and her face seems... wrong/crooked :ermm:

i am sure the original picture is looking way better.

but thank u for the find Ewciolina

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