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I would try 150 high and about 105 wide....if you upload from your PC hover your cursor over the image in Windows Explorer and it gives you the dimensions.

The first time you upload a new av it will show on the board in the same dimensions as the old av but if you refresh the page it goes right.

Merci but... WHAT? No really computer and I are not friends!

Ok......*deep breath*........on the Avatar Settings page of your profile you have the 2 options, upload from your computer or enter the address of the image if you are hosting it from a photosharing site.....judging by your av you uploaded if from your pc.....under those options there are boxes where you have to enter the dimensions of your av....if you leave them blank the board will automatically display your av as a 150 x 150 square even though your pic is probably 150 x 110ish.

If you'd like to use this pic


save it to your computer....then upload it on your Avatar Settings page like you did before but before you press Update Avatar put 102 in the width box and 150 in the height.....et voila!!!! :whistle:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHH! MEN ARE SO SMART & STRONG :weightlift: But, why you did not tell me that in the firs place? :D Now I understand! :yes:

Merci :flower: (for the photo 2)

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