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Laetitia Casta

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Does anybody have the video for the Lorenz watches commercial with Laetitia?The one where she is a mermaid.I can't find it either the video or still from it.It was a short one not longer then a minute.

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On 9/6/2015 at 3:29 PM, DariaDeva said:

Alvaro Canovas Portrait Photoshoot, 25 May 1996 in Paris

 post-65198-0-1446018572-29412_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018573-36124_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018573-46882_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018573-56851_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018573-61525_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018573-93094_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-2969_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-39327_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-4265_thumb.jpg


January 21, 1998
Yves Saint Laurent Spring Summer 1998 Couture Collection

post-65198-0-1446018574-45671_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-48313_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-5162_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-53493_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-54775_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-58191_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-62574_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-71349_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-8161_thumb.jpg


Spring Summer 1999 Couture Of Yves Saint Lauren

post-65198-0-1446018574-86144_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-89708_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-9469_thumb.jpg post-65198-0-1446018574-99995_thumb.jpg


Photo by Marion Curtis - 1998


And I quote from a report about this post...



photos flouées!!!!!!   scandalous


wtf? I'm going to ignore your report because what in the shit are you talking about?

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