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Laetitia Casta

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Thank you everybody !

Ack has given me an idea : can you tell how you discovered the modern Venus? ;)

I discovered Laetitia about a year ago. I love drawing and said to a friend: choose a person and I will do her/his portrait for you. He chose Laetitia Casta. At that time, I didn't know who she was, so I started looking for pictures of her and immediately fell for her :wub: . It was so rare to find a beautiful woman in the whole sense: beautiful face and stunning body, all natural and stunning ! Ever since Ms Casta is my muse :)

This is the first picture of her I saw. And yes, I confess I got jealous ! :laugh:

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Mmm....I can't remember the exact picture that I first saw of :heart: Laetitia :heart: as it was ten years ago but she was fully clothed :p and it was an in a womans magazine and I remember I was like :wub: 'her face looks amazing' :clap: and then about a month or so later I saw a pic in another magazine of her modelling some swimwear and I was like :drool: 'yaaaay a model with a body!!!' :laugh: she wasn't really that well known here in England and the lads mag of the day (For Him Magazine) featured her in their 100 Hottest Women supplement at some stupid number like 79 with a fairly crappy picture of her adjusting her pants and you couldn't really see her face but nearly every other 'obviously hot' woman :yuckky: had well posed glamour pics and that's why they got voted higher :mad:

So my knowledge of :heart: Laetitia :heart: in those days was based only on a relatively few pics as she wasn't that well known and I didn't buy womens magazines, only reading a few at work :p but then we hgot the internet and my collection expanded reeeeeally quick!! :ddr:

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