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Female Drummers, Bassists and Electric Guitarists

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All of the other instruments are usually anyone's game to most people. However, many see the drums, bass and the electric guitar (not the acoustic as much) to be a man's game generally. That said, there are women that hold their own in these departments :) .

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Another vote for Anna Calvi here. My favourite guitarist since Jack White... :baronfaint:

...with Annie Clark/St Vincent a close second. :hehe:

And for drummers, must mention Maria 'Poni' Silver from Nashville garage rock band The Ettes. Look at her go! :chicken:

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^Whoa, Sleater-Kinney.. there's a name I haven't heard for a long time. Totally forgot about them.

There seemed to be a spate of all-girl rock bands that emerged around that time, like The Donnas I posted up there, and a bunch of Australian ones I remember Nitocris, The Spazzys, Skulker and Lash :blink:

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A few years ago I took my dad to see Cindy Blackman, probably most famous for performing with Lenny Kravitz. She's amazing live.


Emma Anzai is a pretty dope bassist, from Sick Puppies. Huge crush on her, another one amazing live.

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