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Olivia Brower

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  • 2 weeks later...

met olivia for 2nd time last night at an event in Hollywood she was at supporting her friend Diana Silvers


she was SUPER sweet, very soft spoken, took couple of photos with me


i told her how upset i was she wasn't in SI Swim this past year, she implied it had something to do with covid (maybe she turned them down and didn't want to travel or maybe she had it when she was scheduled, i didn't pry too much) and i asked if she thinks she'll be back with them in the future and she smiled and said "you never know, maybe"


2 other things: 1 she looks to have lost a decent amount of weight, at least from the last time i met her like 2+ years ago


second, she really does not act like most other models I've met, very quiet and reserved and VERY surprised anyone recognizes her randomly it's almost like she has no idea how gorgeous she really is

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Finally a new lingerie shoot from Olivia. Playful Promises.


Some of you complained weeks ago about my comment regarding Olivia's weight for Intimissimi. I will then not comment on her most recent look. If you think she's looking trim and fit enough for a lingerie model, I will respect your view.

felicity-hayward-x-pp-bra-felicity-hayward-x-pp-nahli-longline-lime-bra-28940621512752_2000x.jpg felicity-hayward-x-pp-bra-felicity-hayward-x-pp-nahli-longline-lime-bra-28940621578288_2000x.jpg felicity-hayward-x-pp-suspender-felicity-hayward-x-pp-suede-lace-black-suspender-28940689211440_2000x.jpg felicity-hayward-x-pp-suspender-felicity-hayward-x-pp-suede-lace-black-suspender-28940680593456_2000x.jpg deja-day-brief-deja-day-rosalyn-black-and-blush-brazillian-brief-28882451759152_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-rosalyn-red-balcony-bra-28885124382768_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-rosalyn-red-balcony-bra-28885148270640_2000x.jpg deja-day-brief-deja-day-rosalyn-red-brazilian-brief-28885125496880_2000x.jpg deja-day-brief-deja-day-rosalyn-red-lace-thong-28885130379312_2000x.jpg deja-day-brief-deja-day-rosalyn-red-lace-thong-28885143355440_2000x.jpg deja-day-brief-deja-day-rosalyn-red-lace-thong-28885126250544_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-rosalyn-black-and-blush-balcony-bra-28882444124208_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-rosalyn-black-and-blush-balcony-bra-28882443632688_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-rosalyn-black-and-blush-balcony-bra-28882452676656_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-rosalyn-black-and-blush-balcony-bra-28882444091440_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-emma-pink-wireless-bra-28885132476464_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-emma-pink-wireless-bra-28885132443696_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-emma-pink-wireless-bra-28885148565552_2000x.jpg deja-day-bra-deja-day-emma-pink-wireless-bra-28885132410928_2000x.jpg felicity-hayward-x-pp-bra-felicity-hayward-x-pp-rowswell-polka-dot-peach-bra-28938879434800_2000x.jpg felicity-hayward-x-pp-suspender-felicity-hayward-x-pp-rowswell-polka-dot-peach-suspender-28938885660720_2000x.jpg felicity-hayward-x-pp-suspender-felicity-hayward-x-pp-rowswell-polka-dot-peach-suspender-28938882973744_2000x.jpg felicity-hayward-x-pp-bra-felicity-hayward-x-pp-nahli-longline-lime-bra-28940621447216_2000x.jpg
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she is not too heavy, she looks great overall, honestly sometimes i believe lingerie models in the "classic sense" are too skinny


if she's happy and healthy with her current look/weight that is all that matters


I also don't believe this particular brand/lingerie is good or flattering in it's style and the angles of some of these are not good, imho


look, women fluctuate in weight, especially based on the brand they are shooting for 


she obviously isn't down at her SI swimsuit weight cause she hasn't shot with them in 2 years now


with all this said, as I mentioned above, I just met her 1 month ago and took a photo with her and thought she looked fabulous... no, she wasn't in lingerie or a swimsuit, just nice clothes but she didn't look overweight to me, she looked absolutely gorgeous

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26 minutes ago, MERPER said:

I just met her 1 month ago and took a photo with her and thought she looked fabulous... no, she wasn't in lingerie or a swimsuit, just nice clothes but she didn't look overweight to me, she looked absolutely gorgeous

and now I’m friggin jealous! :chicken: 

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