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Avatar and Signature Request Thread


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Great choice, ilovethebeach :p

Sorry for the late reply. Weekends are supposed to be less busy, right? ;)

Yes, Tekka , Bellazon will automatically resize your pic so it'll fit under 150px on the largest side, so pics that are bigger will be made smaller. Resizing is the only option.

Step by step:

1.Save your file as an .gif

- 150x150, can be different but make sure it's a square.

2. Upload it in code (I recommend imgur.com or tinypic.com)

- These go up to 2mb. For larger files freeimagehosting is an option, but this usually makes the gif. slow or choppy, so avoid if not necessary.

3. Copy the BB-code (also known as code for forum/message-boards.

4. Paste the code in your signature box in your personal settings.

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Omg I love them!!! Thank you SO much! :D

I have one question though, can someone maybe explain how i can put the signature here? xD i mean where/how do I need to put it

@ wijnboerinnetje

Thanks!! :D I love bar lol she's my all time favorite. She's amazing

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