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Avatar and Signature Request Thread


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can anyone make me a set with these 2 pics of isabeli? just white background and very simple :hug:

thanks in advance :heart:

in the avatar this close up b7ea0e34379380.gif

and for the signature, these 2 b364b634379375.gif b7ea0e34379380.gif

Here is Francy :flower: I am not as talented as the people here :blush: so if u don't like them, don't worry, I won't be upset... maybe? :p



PERFECT!! so happy it was you to make it for me! thanks! :heart: :kiss: i'm using immediately

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Could someone please make me a set? :blush: not having photoshop really sucks :pinch:

anyway I would like a simple set with one of this pics:




whichever you feel like making(I can't choose between the pics :p )

and write on the sig Natasha Poly and under it with smaller letters midnight lady

and in the avi just ML

thanks in advance :flower:

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