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Avatar and Signature Request Thread

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Hey I am back :unsure:

Um.. Here is the pictures for the signature :)



Take your time with it though, no rush I just appreciate it really =]

And for the avatar... I was wanting a gif from this video. Its not the best quality but... I really like it.

It starts in the beginning and ends after 4 seconds I think...

Thanks :wave:

Video didn't show... But here is the link..

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Ok so I found something quickly :D

this vid for the avi

I like the part from 00.49 to 00.53 please :D

for the siggy could you put these pics together? and write this one the siggy: How you turned my world, you precious thing


post-13181-1201129065_thumb.jpg post-13181-1201129159_thumb.jpg

again please take your time - there is no rush and I can wait :flower: Thank you :)

This isen't me rushing anyone. Just making sure it dosen't get lost in the madness :laugh:

gif.gif gif2.gif sig01.jpg sig02.jpg sig03.jpg


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