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Coco Rocha


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Ngeee :| :| well gadaku na iya titi nd lng ky gatambok ang isa ka tao ah :laugh: kung basehan tlng natural lng na ky as she gets older galain man metabolism sang body nya..its normal,kmbga my mga physical transition blah blah..pkd2 na sa womanhood maninay mo .haha balak-iton nlng xa..sakto lng na lawas ya ah..haha, kysa super skinny ay ambot ah. mayu na gane,

bad influence? ga smoke sa haw?? dw waay man..hehehe..dw c behati mlng na gayosi idol koman naxa bla hehe :laugh: ?? ok lng gle nga dri ta ga storyahanay??:laugh: bsi kigan ta?

nakapoy ka?? kaluoy man cmu noh. masaehun tka? :laugh:

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i came here because COCO made it to MDC's MONEY Girls!!! She's number 25!!!!

25. Coco Rocha

New York:

Elite New York


Storm Model Management


Marilyn Agency


Why Not Model Management


Model Management Hamburg


Elite Copenhagen

Well here's a case study in how the most editorial of paths can lead to a very well compensated money career. The Coco that was launched out of Vogue Italia, Balenciaga and US Vogue now sits on the luxury triple crown booking of a YSL fragrance, a Chanel ad as well as a Dior spot. Genius no?

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hehehe :laugh: its a gud thing that you only understo0d bits of it,cause if you were able to fully comprehend what we were talking you'd probably realize how naughty irene is ..:blink: she has been a very very bad girl lately.. :cry2:

but shes ok,no harm done..shes entitled to have her own opinion anyway. :cool: and she should sleep. :| :rofl:

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