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Coco Rocha


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chicken legs or chicken thighs are an insult!!!

irene!!! i should jump you right now!!! hahhahahahahaah!


and she does not have chicken legs irene!!! how would you like it if i said VLADA got chicken legs!!!!!

hahahahahhaaha! jk! :hug:

and omg! that iphone pic is so cute! cocos like the kid who brought a new toy to the playground! hahhaha!

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yah... i think so... a while back from fwd.... its either that or it got lost in the crash!!!

i must share this super awesomeness! 3 of my people in one!!!

Vogue US March 2008

High Definition

Photographer: Craig McDean

Magazine: Vogue US

Fashion Editor: Grace Coddington

Models: Coco Rocha, Raquel Zimmerman, Caroline Trentini & Jessica Stam

scanned by Luxx at TFS

th_59574_rock3_122_606lo.jpgth_59583_rock4_122_358lo.jpg th_59584_rock5_122_164lo.jpgth_59591_rock6a_122_789lo.jpgth_59593_rock7_122_1153lo.jpg

th_59599_rock8_122_901lo.jpg th_59589_rock10_122_220lo.jpgth_59591_rock11_122_1075lo.jpg th_59597_rock12_122_1097lo.jpg

i heart camilla

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