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Jessica Sikosek

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^ Isn't she just something else! :wub:

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C-heads Magazine

Moments of Love. Los Angeles based freelance photographer Raul Romo captured some intimate moments of model couple Jessica at Vision and Brandon at Wilhelmina for C-Heads.


“We shot this story at Elayna’s lovely home in Sherman Oaks, she and Jessica are good friends and go way back. It was totally comfortable and casual shooting, no fuss! Just a bunch of friends taking pictures. Jessica and Brandon are actually a couple in real life, they first met on set for a job and have been together for a while now and they are so great for each other. We shot this a day or two before Jessica had to leave to Europe for a few months due to work. You could tell they’d really miss each other. They are so comfortable together, and really understand each other. It was great getting to peek in and grab a few moments with them.” Makeup and grooming by Elayna Bachman.


Raul-Romo-X-C-Heads-13.jpg post-36965-0-1446101655-73956_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1446101655-82816_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1446101655-85698_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1446101655-8802_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1446101655-89047_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1446101655-89909_thumb.jpg



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Ph. Assa Tallgard


_Jessica_Sikosek-page1.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page2.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page3.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page4.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page5.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page6.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page7.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page8.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page9.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page10.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page11.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page12.jpg _Jessica_Sikosek-page13.jpg

source: TFS

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