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Anna Luisa Ewers


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Thank you borntodiet for this information! :flower:  Yes I also heard that she is a very kind and natural person. Not arrogant or so. Could you speak to her or be close to her in Milan? I think

she has the same supermodel aura as the 90 th girls esp. Claudia had. She has the same attidude like her and she is also a very private person. And she is not a partying girl. She gives not much

of her privacy out to fans. She informs only about her work at instagram and facebook, some nature shots did of her own or Levin, places of her holidays or where she is at moment ( ha I miss a picture form

her from Paris these days!). 

And in an interview her mother told that she is a little bit shy and don't want to give much interviews and in these she gives no informations about her boyfriend or how she lives. Her mother informs a little bit, I added this interview some posts before, that Anna lives in a small flat in Brooklyn togehter with her friend, a photographer, whom she knows since school. And that Anna loves to eat, esp. german food. And she walks very much  or drives bicycle in NY to keep her figure. Further her mother told that many of her friends at school told to the 14 year old Anna that she looks like Claudia Schiffer. For Anna it was a honour, and Anna also told in an interview that it is a honour for her to be compared with such an icon.

And she is not taking off about her sucess. She enjoys it but she is down to earth. She loves her work.


But I also think she is already the next fashion icon! Never thought that it is possible in these days because many fashion people declared that the supermodel area is over. But there are still some remaining

models, Kate, Gisele, Douzen ? and now Anna.

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Welcome dear sercawes! :wave:


Some more street style pictures Milan RTW FW 2015.16





I think Anna took some free days at home NY, after the stressing weeks in NY and Milan. I think , hm assume, we will see her latest on friday for Balenciaga in Paris. Possible earlier ? but I think she will come for the big shows.

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Thanks sheila for your information!

I worked as a dresser, for Moschino, and Ferragamo ( and other brand but Anna wasn't there).

Unfortunately i dressed other model on those show, but the girls who helped her told me that she was very nice and shy. So i guess that's all!

She's really an eyecatcher. Love her so much!

I hope she can get the best career ever. :)


ps she's a "shorty", not so tall as ohter models but she rocks on the runway!

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Thank you,  that's interessting that you worked as dresser. And that you had the possiblility to meet all this other girls. I think this is very interesting. That is that what I also heard about her.

In interviews she is also very friendly but shy.


Yes she is very small , there is one picture at the Versace defilee (I have not posted here) where she walks behind Natasha and Karlie, both seem to be more than one head bigger. Uff.

But she is a stunner and makes it all with her great prescence and face.


Yesterday in television there was first a new spot for Schwarzkopf with Claudia, she is very tall with long legs and super beautiful, than after this there came a Mango spot with Anna. She

looks like her younger and shorter sister very natural and fresh, her smile is to fell in love. :Angel:


So let us wait for Anna arriving in Paris... :gocho:

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Yes indeed! such a beauty, would love to see more pictures out of 05.03. possilbe without water sign. :wub2:


I am speculating if we see her now at Dior or if she will give Isabel Marant the choice. For both she walked SS 2015. But now the shows are to close behind.

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