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Unknown models from magazine covers. (26th December 2012)


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1. 1337206399_image-10.jpg

2. 1337893686_9906f435a8fb7103be1e646c8a226fff.jpg

3. 1338072665_elle_junio_2012.jpgSara Sampaio

4. 1338147486_34.jpg

5. 1338321068_cosmopolitan_france_2012_06.jpgZuzana Kopuncova

6. 1338390232_gadgetmagasin-700.jpg

7. 1338413252_1.jpgAlessandra Kirn

8. 1338841246_38.jpg

9. 1338841610_41.jpg

10. 1338969275_cosmopolitan-700.jpgAlice Aufray

11. 1339228843_main-str11.jpgChelsea Nordstrom

12. 1339245862_gracia2.jpgKangana Ranaut

13. 1339619230_1.jpgBrook Power

14. 1339695087_1.jpgNikita Stallbom

15. 1339796070_3.jpg

16. 1339877333_mainstream-06-2012.jpgTayler Ball

17. 1340100153_fart2.jpgGabriella Toth

18. 1340103812_jur2.jpg

19. 1340136448_5.jpgElena Stival

20. 1340180119_digital_photo_pro_2012-08.jpg

21. 1340224799_1.jpg

22. 1340278110_12.jpg

23. 1340353895_37.jpgFaye Vrethem

24. 1340389161_photo_n__c2_b0_490_-_juin_2012.jpg

25. 1340464958_elle_600.jpgSara Sampaio

26. 1340465698_3.jpg

27. 1340650311_2.jpg

28. 1340693798_7.jpg

29. 1340709785_las.jpg

30. 1340788372_1.jpg

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25. Unfortunately I can't remember her name but I am 90% sure she is a Brazilian model, I saw her in the last season of the fashion weeks in Brazil a lot so someone more familiar with Brazilian models might know who she is? Bound to as she has been in many shows in Brazil, hope that helps a bit (lol she looks a bit like Sara Sampaio) but I don't think its her :/

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