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Who are these various models?


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Thanx in advance, :heart:

Peter Hahn
1-post-38290-0-1446015973-92326_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446015973-94434_thumb.jpg Nadejda Savcova
2-post-38290-0-1446015973-95312_thumb.jpgVeneda Budny    
3-post-38290-0-1446015973-96227_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446015973-99123_thumb.jpg

4-post-38290-0-1446015974-02503_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446015974-06877_thumb.jpg
5-post-38290-0-1446015974-08011_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446015974-12693_thumb.jpgAki Lanier

6-post-38290-0-1446015974-14485_thumb.jpg and also she appears in Freemans
post-38290-0-1446015974-18324_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446015974-31083_thumb.jpg Johanna Durhone

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not sure who 5 is but when i first saw it i though she looked a little likes Crystal Harrington but now that I enlarged Im sure its not her. Will look into it tho.

6. she has a Hamburg and London model agency. it does help.

Bon Prix books out of Hamburg. The reason why so many models from MGM are used at Bon Prix is because more often than not people are asking about the lingerie models on here and MGM specializes in catalog models. Most of the girls on their boards are commercial models who pretty much just do lingerie/swimwear catalog. Thats why you see some many of them with men's magazine covers and fitness magazines in their portfolios.

Major agencies in Hamburg

4Play Models

AWA Models

Body & Soul

Donna Models



Java Models



M4 Models

MD Management

MGM Models

Mega Models


Model Management

Model Team

Muga Models

Okay Models

Place Models

PMA Models

Spin Models

Wolf Models (site down for maintenance)

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Oh my,it's been so long searching for these girls,and I didn't stop wondering who are they,thanx Kazuya alot, :flower:  :flower: many other members asked about 6 especially.


Thanx EJ alot for 1 & 2. :flower:  :flower:

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It's hard. This why we should separate the brands. I like how Nefertiti dates her runway posts because it helps me remember which threads which ids are in as well as remind me to come back to the. Whe they get stale. There are so many times when I remember a girls name or come across her but then can't find the I'd post she was in.

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