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Yandy.com blonde !

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misterZ    0

Does anyone know this model's name or have any info on her? She is beautiful.

She models a lot of costumes & lingerie on yandy.com - her videos there are especially good!!!




post-59118-0-1446013205-46497_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013205-67663_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013205-81877_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-21859_thumb.jpg

post-59118-0-1446013206-4524_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-5915_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-62755_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-65965_thumb.jpg

post-59118-0-1446013206-68184_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-69965_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-71099_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-73216_thumb.jpg

post-59118-0-1446013206-74502_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-75994_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-78589_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-80309_thumb.jpg

post-59118-0-1446013206-82483_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-88478_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-90064_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-91801_thumb.jpg

post-59118-0-1446013206-93545_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-94336_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013206-95424_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-05826_thumb.jpg

post-59118-0-1446013207-06573_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-07825_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-0905_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-10293_thumb.jpg

post-59118-0-1446013207-13938_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-1641_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-17225_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-18706_thumb.jpg

post-59118-0-1446013207-19566_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-2047_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-26536_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-29527_thumb.jpg

post-59118-0-1446013207-32103_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-32939_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-3342_thumb.jpg post-59118-0-1446013207-35333_thumb.jpg

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mikenotton    0

The blonde Yandy.com model is Susie K. I am pretty sure she is from Scottsdale, AZ. She was on ModelMayhem.com a few years back, but closed her account. If you're hardcore about digging, you can still find some of her credited photos on other photographers' profiles. It sounds like she stays pretty busy with Yandy and doesn't need to deal with the freelance world anymore.


She recently did an interview with Cosmopolitan about her modeling experience with Yandy.com. Check it out here: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/news/a47710/sexy-halloween-costume-model/


Her 2013 behind the scenes Sauce video is still on YouTube: 


Her Instagram account is "susiekiellingit" but it is private.


As far as I know she doesn't do any nude modeling, but a lot of her Yandy YouTube videos are very revealing.



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