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Teresa and the guitar

If you’re in the mood for something new, you can listen to her songs on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/teresamooremusic

"Growing up all over the world I have carried my guitar and sung the whole journey. Singing is a passion and I love to express myself with music. I have been writing an album over the last year and now preparing to record a demo in the madness of it all. Looking to get a good producer, get signed, published and have a good time doing it. Wish me luck. x"

Yeah Teresa, I look forward to your album coming out to buy it.

First track "Sleeping in the bedroom next to me", does it sound promising?

46519222419959.gif 59eede22419961.gif

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you already know Heine

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th_61235_hvhk120_0286x05_122_485lo.jpg th_61239_hvhk120_0286x07_122_534lo.jpg th_61309_hvhk120_0286x10_122_104lo.jpg th_61316_hvhk120_0286x12_122_659lo.jpgth_61319_hvhk120_0286x13_122_565lo.jpg

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