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postimage.org issues?

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Anyone else having trouble with postimage.org too? Seems as if the vast majority of my pics have been disabled via a ERROR: IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE message screen for each pic. Hopefully this might be temporary?

Bad enough Imageshack put me in a corner by waiting for users to download a mass amount of pics then turning around with a threat of deletion if they didn't pay up for a premium account...now this with postimage :banghead:

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^^ This happens every so often with postimage. Though postimage is very easy to use and allows you to easily upload and organize loads of pictures without the threat of bandwidth overusage or deletion, it can be very unreliable on these in terms of not crashing and burning every few months or so. I've been having issues with it all day and it's been completely driving me mad. Needless to say, the one day I am available and actually want to post things my primary image hoster is down.

Ok, sorry to rant, but like I said they do this sometimes. It's not just you and it should be fixed within the next few hours. :hehe:

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