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Who is She?


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I'm bad with eastern European models bc their agencies go out of business and most wind up leaving Russia and modeling in a different country. For instance Anastasija makenrenko is signed to esensual models in Berlin and hasn't modeled in Russia for years same thing with irina sheik. Most Russian publications such as vogue Russia actually book their models from new York. India used to book out of London. Yada Yada. A lot of Russian photographers test a lot of girls who don't wind up becoming models which is very hard to identify because of the different alphabet and spelling variation of names.

There isn't a big freelance market In Russia because th editorials are booked out new York or bought from Russian syndication sites from promenient Russian photographers. A lot of the ads are booked Germany. Ever look at asian model agencies? They are filled with aspiring eastern European models. There is an over abundance of models and not enough work for all of them. Italy has the exact opposite problem. That's why there are so many eastern european girls who are based in Milan these days. Most of them have Italian agencies as their mothers. If she looks like a new face, ask danicullen. She likes Lithuanian and Hungarian models so shes constantly perusing the Asian market. I focus on editorials in western europe and north america as well advertisements from those locations as I am good at recognizing models who work in those regions.

If you find an agency, I might be able to find a full name. I'll try but right now I can't open the damn picture. Lol

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after some research, i looked at irina's portfolio and noticed a picture of a model I recognized: Kate shushakova who is signed to Women Management in Milan. Her mother agency is IQ Models in Moscow. Then, I identified Alexandra Karasyova who books under S. So after realizing that wasn't the right Alex I starting looking up every Moscow agency I know which led me to this name (which is a translation)

Alexandra Tsyganok

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