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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 (GENERAL DISCUSSION)


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Well the show did go downhill after Gisele left, i think most of us agree that after 2006 (Gi's last show) it's when the show started to get bad, they started to cast more HF/super skinny/too young-looking models, they started to have more attention on the performers. I'm scared it will get even worse after Alessandra & Adriana are both gone, i feel like VS will do 5 Pink-ish segments 1 one mainline segment :ninja:

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I really liked this year's VSFS! The segments were nice, Bruno and Rihanna sang well (Rihanna was trying to steal the spotlight a bit but oh well), Justin wasn't necessary in my opinion. I just don't like the fact how many models get wings. They used to be something so important and significant and now girls who are there for the first time get wings. Angels are really unappreciated right now, I think they should be the only ones to wear wings (and more feathery ones please!) and open/close segments.

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