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Your Dream Editorial: Be the Editor-in-Chief


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Hypothetical. You were just named editor-in-chief of some magazine (or other media), and you could finally realize the editorial of your dreams. :wub: :chicken: (Please keep somewhat practical about the budget; it cannot rival that of a Hollywood movie). :neo2: :actor: :dance:

What magazine or media is it? (keep your audience--but mainly yourself;)-in mind) What season etc.?

It can be fashion, sports, :FootballThread: anything, idk about HighTimes :atoobie: :rofl: j/k (not porn...keep it BZ clean) :nicole:

It is up to you to pick the location, models, stylists, photographers, concept, etc... :gocho:

Feel free to use any videos , photos, words etc to illustrate your concept.

What would the layout look like?

This is your chance to create and share the editorial that you have always imagined and/or been secretly waiting to see. :clap:

For example, (off the top of my head) I might want to create an editorial based loosely on the movie "Blow-Up". So I might need a main male model to play the part of the photographer (unless I want Nigel Barker ...not the worst idea..hm)... And a few frolicking models to get very groovy... London would make the most sense for location. etc....

for a styleboard idea...-


something maybe like this.. but in a black dress. Meisel is the first I thought of....

Although Nigel would add some authenticity to the shoot...ideas, idea, ideas...just brainstorming for now. So.. I could start there, or...who knows?

(Thanks, Pretty. Since I found that you have already posted this http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/11422-bz-top-100-most-desirable/#entry924599, but I had not thought about this idea until now, so I did not quote your post correctly. Sorry. gulp)

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