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Vintage Model IDs


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20 hours ago, missparker7 said:

We have different opinions who the model in yellos (last photo) is. CECILIA DE BUCOURT or Rachel Mulholland. Can someone help to tell who she is, please?

I don't think that's Rachel Mulholland. I could be wrong...

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16 hours ago, RocketQueen said:



#1 Cynthia Hampton
#19 Anne Barrandon


1CynthiaHampton.png.a92715156455f18964e53a181caefe80.png 2AnneBarrandon.thumb.jpg.22f1f4a92b76751a0a7b705e2f10eb0e.jpg

Whoah!!! Those sure are obscure!!! Thanks my fabulous friend! :clap: I think you are right on Anne Barrandon! Wow!...Uh oh! Cynthia Hampton is fictional! Played by Rachel Palmieri. 

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"C´É UNA NUOVA ARTE PER RESTITUIRE LA GIOVINEZZA" - AMICA Italy 4. December 1984 #49 by Jean Noel L´Harmeroult




Balestra 1882 advertisement - AMICA Italy 4. December 1984 #49




Jean Louis David advertisement - AMICA Italy 4. December 1984 #49





Chloe Karl Lagerfeld perfume promotion "IL VENTAGLIO DEL FASCINO"




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