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Amazon.com Juniors models


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Hi. I've been trying to find out who this model is, to no avail. I have found several other of the Amazon.com Juniors models, hoping one of them was from the same agency as she is. No luck, there.

Best I can tell is that she was a model in the second half of 2011. More pictures available if needed.




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Sorry about multiple posts. I'm trying to keep this a little organized.

These are the models I THINK I've identified, but I need some second opinions. It's hard to tell, because the Amazon photos are not nearly as touched-up as the agency portfolios. It's hard to match when they remove identifying facial marks.

Anna C (Ford)

Kylie Prusak (Ford)



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I believe the first girl you were trying to find in the first post is Petie from Ford Models (Chicago). Or at the very least, she strongly resembles the girl in the photos in this video. Hopefully that helps? It seems like a lot of the same models on Amazon are with Ford as well.

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Hmm. Well, it's not Petie. I've looked into it, and they definitely don't have a lot of matching facial characteristics. I may be able to upload some more images later. I've got many, as I've been trying for a long time to find out who this particular model is.

I think it might be helpful if I post some side-view photos of her now, though. There's only a couple out there from what I can find.

Also, I've only been able to find this model on Amazon. Many of Amazon's models have also been used by Kohl's or Nordstrom's, so it's frustrating that this particular model seems to have had a one-shot career.

Unfortunately, this side-views are pretty much from behind. :/

Lastly, I've browsed through all of fordmodels and hefner, and have been unable to find her listed. I've tried a couple others as well, such as Seattle-based agencies (since Amazon in Seattle.) No luck.



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