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Fernanda Tavares posted this pic a while ago on her fb.

It all started in 1994 in a modeling contest, and nearly 17 years of FRIENDSHIP! The van increasingly beautiful ... Beijinhoss ...p

post-13850-0-1446086610-19471_thumb.jpg facebook.com/fernandatavaresoficial

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I am sure it's a girl!


I just can't believe she still got abs on her pregnant belly :huh:

:/ Mmmmmmmm

I hope it's not that new stupid and dangerous "momorexia" trend?

She seems to be in good shape tho so maybe not.

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:laugh::rofl: classic G. She is fantastic :wub: :wub: :wub:

This gif inspired me to look at a few videos of her in VS stores and I have to say, at times she comes off as a completely disinterested and disconnected 'VS Angel'. I don't know if she was the best spokesperson for them. A lot of times she would say things like 'I really like this store because it has beautiful things. And I like this type of bra and beautiful things' or 'yeah I like this.... and I like this one too" just not very detailed or believable.

To be fair though I haven't seen too many videos of VS angels discussing products from back when Gisele was an Angel. But from the ones I see now. Some of the girls like Lily and Adriana seem to be a little better at it. Maybe they also just care more about the brand in general, as they both heavily depend on it.

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