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i'm looking more pictures from this day.

someone can help me??

the search function isn't working for me right now <_< but it was in 2006 at a Victoria's Secret Makeup launch, that may help some I hope :wave:

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If Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is indeed engaged to her pigskin prince Tom Brady [stats] she wasn’t flashing her bridal bling on Beacon Street today.

Just hours after TMZ.com reported that the sidelined New England Patriots [team stats] QB/QT popped the question on a private Christmas Eve flight to Boston, the happy couple exited his Back Bay townhouse with Gi’s mother and father.

When asked about the alleged engagement, the ever-so-polite Brady just smirked and hopped into an idling Towncar where the ringless Gi and her parents, Vania and Valdir, were already stowed.

The celebrity Web site reported that Tom had four dozen white roses, champagne and his inamorata’s parents aboard a private jet when he asked Gisele to be his wife. Brady, who is one cool customer, was quite jittery before he popped the question, TMZ’s sources said. Gi, surprise, said yes.

However, Gisele’s twin sister, Patricia, said in an e-mail today that TMZ’s story is “not true.” And a source close to the QB/QT also denied the engagement.

However, it’s possible that Tom could be intentionally keeping his happy news a secret so not to distract his team which has a do-or-die game against the Buffalo Bills Sunday.

from boston herald







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