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1 minute ago, Jade Bahr said:

Leo dates a german girl

He defenitely has a thing for German models: Gisele (she's German-Brazilian), Tony, Lorena. 


4 minutes ago, Jade Bahr said:

Didn't he dump her for a reunion with Toni Garrn? Battles of the german girls lol

As I remember he went on double date with both lol. Both are beautiful but personally I like Lorena. 


Btw I noticed someone praise her for pics without filter and she liked that comment❤️

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Because of those scenarios I never really believed he's gay LOL I mean who would plan such sh!t? :rofl:



18 minutes ago, Lilja K said:

He defenitely has a thing for German models: Gisele (she's German-Brazilian), Tony, Lorena.

Of course he has. We are gorgeous :p:D And he's partly german too :heart:


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LEO'S LADIES: A Photographic Guide To Everyone Leonardo DiCaprio Has Publicly Dated




Something almost strange has happened in the universe of celebrity gossip: Leonardo DiCaprio has been happily coupled up with the same woman, model, and actress Camila Morrone, for about four years now. Though, before that, DiCaprio was something of a notorious serial dater. Over the years he’s dated a number of high-profile blonde glamazons, particularly of Victoria’s Secret variety, including Nina Agdel, Gisele Bündchen, Toni Garrn, and Bar Rafaeli, to name a few. Curiously, only a handful of the genetically-blessed list has been publicly photographed with the Oscar-winner—most are just reduced to a blind gossip item or blurry iPhone pictures snapped by wannabe pedestrian paparazzi. Among those rumored, but unconfirmed girlfriends: Demi Moore, Blake Lively, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, and Paris Hilton. Here, a look back at DiCaprio’s public outings with his significant others of the moment—none of whom.


Kristen Zang

Leonardo DiCaprio dated model Kristen Zang for a year back in the ’90s, where she acted as his date to the premiere of Romeo & Juiet.


Gisele Bündchen

Perhaps DiCaprio’s most famous ex is Gisele Bündchen, whom he dated from 1999 to 2005.



The pair were serious for nearly six years, often spotted walking their dogs together.



They also often took in sporting events, a popular pastime for DiCaprio and his girlfriends. Giselle, of course, famously moved on quite happily to a man who sits on the sidelines instead of in the bleachers.


Bar Rafaeli

After splitting with Bündchen, DiCaprio moved on to Isreali model, Bar Rafaeli. The couple made a rare high profile appearance together at Berlin’s Annual Cinema For Peace Gala in 2010.



The couple often took in basketball games, sitting courtside, of course, making for a few rare moments of DiCaprio allowing himself to be photographed with a girlfriend. Here, they watch the Lakers in 2010.



The pair dated for six years—the exact duration of his relationship with Bundchen—before splitting in 2011.



And again, the same year, DiCaprio was shielded by a hat, as has become his fashion go-to.


Toni Garrn

In 2014, DiCaprio was spotted at the amfAR Gala in Cannes with his new lady, Toni Garrn, whom he dated for just over a year.


Kelly Rohrbach

Before eventually getting together with Nina Agdal—whom he was never photographed with at a high profile event like a few of his other girlfriends—the actor dated a model Kelly Rohrbach in 2015, during which the pair were spotted together at the US Open.


Nina Agdal

Leo dated Nina Agdal, a Danish model and veteran of both Victoria’s Secret and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, from 2016 to 2017. Though, the pair never attended a major public event together. Agdal has since started dating Jack Brinkley-Cook, son of fellow model Christy Brinkley.


Camila Morrone

DiCaprio has been dating Camila Morrone, now 24, since 2017. In keeping with tradition, they’ve kept a low profile. Though, the pair were just spotted in September, 2021 watching the U.S. Open, meaning their connection seems to have lasted through the lockdown.




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Someone posted this today on Duexmoi moi. I hope it’s not true! 🙄😬😔


If she cheated on her Boyfriend then he cheated on Cami... I don't think it's true thing cause Leo at that time was Incredibly bored 😂

Remember  This  funny video .lol 



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I wonder if Leo is trying to land a socialite or some upper crust type from ''society' and is just holding onto Camila in case that doesn't work out. I mean really, I think Camila is way too young for him, but he hasn't stopped dating young women in that age group since forever. If he's trying to get someone like, say, a lady who is in a serious profession, that is becoming less and less likely by the year. The really serious types are now all firmly entrenched and it is clear that if he wanted such a woman, it is becoming less likely. I get it that Amal Clooney has all this hype, but realistically I do not think that she is someone who is going to continue to go far if she continues jet setting all the time. Any serious professional would have real reservations about getting involved since he lives a very fast lane life and isn't living the kind of life that really would provide personal stability.


Brad Pitt ran a PR campaign about supposedly 'being in deep' with that MIT professor Nuri and that was debunked. As everyone remembers, when George was officially engaged to Amal, his PR went into plain psycho, talking up Amal as if she had been a founding member of the US Supreme Court and UN and then there is the fact that his PR was shrieking about how Clooney was FINALLY Presidential material, so on and so forth. I think Leo is holding out for someone of major status, someone who can make him feel that he as 'arrived' in the way that Clooney acted like he had 'arrived' after marrying Amal. I think Leo has his social aspirations and like Clooney and Pitt, would prefer to marry someone who is at a 'better' social level than the rest of the Hollywood crew.


It is telling that he has yet to commit dating Hollywood types, like Clooney and I think that like Clooney he would gladly get married if it were to someone with genuine social cachet.

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